We save and process personal identifiable information to provide our clients with information about the financial situation and creditworthiness of natural and legal persons as well as to verify whether they can be reached under the addresses they have provided.

Information is only provided if the respective contracting party has substantiated a legitimate interest in obtaining the information (for example, in the course of an envisaged business transaction which entails the granting of credit or for which there is a risk of default) and provided that there is no outweighing interest of the individual. The aim of a creditworthiness check is not only to avoid losses in the (trade) credit business but also to protect borrowers from over-indebtedness. In addition the data is also used for risk control, due diligence, identity verification, prevention of money laundering and fraud or for customer account management, customer service or direct marketing.

We process the following categories of personal data:

  • Data on Individuals like e.g. name, given name, date of birth, place of birth, residential address, previous addresses, business address, business email-addresses and phone/fax numbers
  • Information on debts, payment behavior and settlement of claims
  • Creditworthiness and financial information, entries in the register of defaulting debtors, information on insolvency proceedings und other hard negative criteria as well as credit scores.
Special categories of personal data in the sense of the Art 9 GDPR (e.g. nationality, ethnic origin, health data or data on political or religious attitudes are neither stored nor taken into account in the calculation of credit scores). Also the assertion of data subjects rights according to the GDPR has no influence on the credit scores.