Creditsafe implements new scoring models. Companies will be assessed again on their financial health.

From the outside not much will change. But inside we use new statistical regression models and the scores are based on more data elements.

Creditsafe is continuously working on improving its credit ratings. We use the latest knowledge of scoring methods. We also optimize and maximize the deployment of our expanding database. This enables us to gain more and more relevant data from our processes. These have a higher predictive value. That way we can assess more companies, also in cases where less information is available.

But what will exactly change?

  • Greater predictive value

    Statistical regression and computing power gives high predictive value expressed in a very high overall Gini score.

  • More variables in score

    Utilizing much more data through data technology and user-generated content from 120.000 customers worldwide.

  • Higher limits and scores

    The improved statistical models with more variables and a sharp default definition leads to better scores for the entire BV base in the Netherlands.