The information provided by us often includes so-called creditworthiness assessments (scores), which uses information and assessments from the past to generate a forecast of solvency and payment default probabilities. The scoring is based on the information we have on file for the respective person or entity. On the basis of this data, address-related information, for companies additionally industry information mathematical-statistical calculations (in particular logistic regression methods) are applied to assign the person or entity to groups of people or groups of companies that had similar characteristics in the past.

 The following categories of data are used for the scoring, whereby not every type of data is included in each calculation: data on the size, industry affiliation and age of a company as well as number of employees, payment behavior and defaulting payments, debtor registrations and information on insolvency proceedings, balance sheet data, corporate links, contingent liabilities, age, address-related data (publicity of address and name at the address), address data (information on non-conforming payment behavior in the address environment), information from contractual partners of Creditsafe.